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My thanks and appreciation to the staff of The Rimblow Buddy for performing an exceptional restoration on this rare steering wheel.
Robert Hosley  2/3/2015

Hi Pam/Nate,

We just received the Cougar wheel and it came out better than my expectations.  The packing was excellent.  We will definitely email you some photos and a write-up about the “69”Cougar.  Will get the interior showing the  restored steering wheel and the exterior and engine compartment.  Thanks again for a fine job.

Rick Steeves 6/16/11

Nate & Pam,

Received  the steering wheel from you. Words cannot express my joy to see the wheel. It is in better condition now than 1970. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Will follow with pics later. Just wanted to express my thanks and joy for a job well done.

Randy Shelton 3/7/11

Hi Nate and Pam,

Just want to thank you very much for the amazing work you’ve done on my rimblow.  You’ve turned an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan!  My rimblow looks so good and will certainly be the center of attention in my 1969 Mach 1. Thanks again for a first class job–you have done magic on this wheel!

Ed Cunanan 3/4/11


thank you very much for wheel.  It is absolutley goregous.  Im afraid to touch it.  I will forward pictures to you of car when i can get outside away from snow. Here are a couple that you can post.

Thank You

Jason Gartside 2/11/11


I just received my 1969 rim blow steering wheel and all I can say is WOW it’s beautiful, you folks do first rate work. I would be honored to send you pictures of this wheel installed in my Shelby when I roll it out this spring, it will be the crowning jewel of the interior.

Nate was going to send installation instructions for this beautiful wheel perhaps he could e-mail them to me. Don’t ever hesitate to use me as a reference.


Harold Baldwin 1/3/11


I received my restored Rim Blow Steering Wheel back last Saturday and I was
totally impressed by the quality of the fit and finish of the restored steering
wheel. The grain looks like new, the silver band looks like factory and the
reconditioning of the vinyl was superb! The installation of the new Rim Blow
switch was also impeccable. Now I hope I can bring my Mach I up to the same
standards found in your work.

Thanks again.
Vincent DeMarso 10/04/10

Hey David,
Excellent job on restoring my rimblow wheel. I also appreciated that the fact that you packaged it up
so carefully thank you. How did you fill the large crack on the outer rim? I ask because I need to know how careful to be with it while re-installing it. Do you think that people “hanging” on them as they get in & out of the car is the main reason they get cracked?
Thanks again,
Jeff Holter

e-mail on April 3, 2003

Dave I got the steering wheel and inspected it. Very nice work. thanks Tom Murray

e-mail on April 3, 2003

Hi Dave! I just got the wheel! It looks GREAT! Thanks! I cant wait to get it into the car! I am going to pass the good word about you! Ted Rankin

e-mail on April 3, 2003

Thanks for the fantastic job on my 1970 wheel restoration. I’ll pass the word…You’re the MAN !!!!

Ron Butt on April 4, 2003

David, You said I would be pleased with the results and you were right ! ! I can’t wait to install the restored wheel in our ’70 mach, it looks FANTASTIC ! ! And you packed the wheel/pad very carefully as well. You have my endorsement as the best wheel restorer around.

Mark Cordery on April 20, 2003

Dave, It looks GREAT! Thank you so much for your effort and also for being so understanding. I e-mailed Scott at the 428 Cobra Jet Registry yesterday to let him know how impressed I have been with your efforts to satisfy me. I told him to use me as a reference if anyone inquired about the quality of your work or your service. Feel free to refer anyone you would like to me as well. I plan to buy and sell more classic cars in the future. I can assure you I will call on you again for your services. Best regards, Jim

Jim Simpson on April 23, 2003

Dave, I just recieved My ’70 restored rim-blow steering wheel that I purchased from you off of e-bay, and the ’69 pad and center I sent you to be restored. Both are excellent! I’m very pleased. I just bolted the ’70 wheel on My Boss 302, and the ’69 Pad on my Mach 1. They look great! I’ll send you some photos as soon as we get a dry moment here in Oregon so I can get the cars out of the garage. Thank you very much… Rich.

Rich Dean on April 25, 2003

Dave, The inserts came today. Great Job. They really look PERFECT. I put them in a wheel that did not have any. I used clear silicone to adhere the aluminum cups and then used 2 thicknesses of 2 sided tape to hold the inserts in. It came out really nice. I wanted to ask you a ?? Whats the best color dye to use when changing the color on a rim blow pad and are there any tricks to putting in the center button(Mustang horse) in the middle of the pad?? Thanks again for all your help. Regards, Bob

e-mail by Robert Henning on April 30, 2003

Dave: I recieved the steering wheel Thursday. First chance to send you a e-mail, I have been swamped at work. IT IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thank you again. I have 2 other mustangs and will be sending the wheels to you when the time comes. You do superb work. Dennis

Dennis Isbell on May 26, 2003

David, Good Morning. Well I finally had an opportunty yesterday to get over to the restoration shop where I had some work done on the 73 mustang in the spring and get the old 2 spoke pulled and new wheel installed. What a difference!!! They were very impresed with the quality of the wheel and certainly I was as well. It is refreshing to deal with people, like yourself, who deliver on their promises. Once again Thank you for a great job ……I will certainly recommend you when ever the opportunity arises. Regards. Gary . Gary B. Stevens Vice President of Sales ConData Regional Office 204 Canterbury Drive McHenry, IL 60050

Gary B. Stevens on June 13, 2003

Dave, Awesome!!! The wheel and pad looks greattttt. I appreciate the extras you did and will send you all my business. Take care. Thanks again, Bill Howell Muscle Car Parts and Collectibles

Bill Howell on July 23, 2003

A BIG Thank You Goes out to you. I just got my steering wheel and it looks GREAT! Thanks ——————— Bill Neely, Las Vegas Nevada

on November 19, 2003

Dave, I received the wheel today and it looks great. If you would be interested in doing some more trading to restore another one, let me know. Thanks again and Happy Holidays, Jack Dressen’s Body Shop 704 County Road 8 Tyler, MN 56178

e-mail from Jack Dressen, Dressen Body Shop on November 27, 2003

Dave, Picked up the wheel from the post office this morning. It is beautiful, I’m very satisfied. I will send you a ginger rimblow wheel and pad when I can get the wife to let me spend a little more money…probably a little after the first of the year. Thanks again, Jeff

e-mail from Jeff Meyers on November 28, 2003

Dave First off I want to say what a wonderful Christmas gift I got Christmas morning. The wife and kids intercepted my wheel in the mail and wrapped it as a gift under the tree. When I opened it I was stunned at the care and cratsmanship you put into the detail of the wheel and pad. The pads still a little warped but it looks 100% better. I guess after 30 years we’re all a little warped. I just wanted to thank you again for a beautiful job well done. Frankie P.

Frank Piper on December 30, 2003


WALKER EVERSON on January 29, 2004

Dave, Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the absolutely flawless job you did restoring my ’69 Mustang rimblow steering wheel…it is the “crown jewel” of my car’s interior!! The wheel & pad both look like new again…I’m really blown away!! I will be pleased to tell everyone who the “craftsman” was. Thanks again…I will definitely be sending you some more business! Jerry B. Brown

Jerry B. Brown on February 9, 2004

Just got the wheel back for my 69 Mach 1 and couldn’t be happier. You did a great job. I will spread the word that you do a super job. Can’t believe how good it looks

Tom Roberts on February 14, 2004

Hey Dave! I picked up my restored Rim Blow steering wheel from the post office today. I can not believe it. I bet it didn’t look that good the day my Boss 351 was driven off the assembly line in December 1970! Before you restored my steering wheel, the wheel detracted from the interior of my Boss. Funny thing is now that I have installed my “like new” Rim Blow that you and your family restored, the interior sort of detracts from the wheel!!! I am very appreciative of all your and your family’s hard work. It is a high quality and accurate restoration and you really turned it around very quickly. I think you actually finished it 4 days sooner than you projected. I will be sure to take an “after photo” of my Rim Blow Buddy restored wheel and email it to you so you may post it to your website. You should post it alongside the “before photo” that I sent you a few weeks ago. Dave, do you have any recommendations for preserving and maintaining my restored Rim Blow? I would hate to put some sort of cleaner on it and mess up your nice work. Thanks for everything! You run a good business, you are a great guy with a lot of integrity, and I will definitely recommend you to my Mustang friends. Take care, Paul

Paul Woodlief on March 21, 2004

Hi Dave………….. I received my rim-blow wheel back from you a few weeks ago, so please try to accept my apology for not getting back to you right away! The restoration of my ’69 Rimblow Wheel is nothing short of amazing! It actually looks better than some of the original wheels that I had seen on these cars when they were new. Suffice it to say, I am extremely well pleased with this extraordinary job. I will send you some pics of my ’69 Indian Fire Red SCJ 427 Side Oiler Mach as you had requested. The car is nearly complete and is now in the spray booth. I just purchased a very low mileage ’73 ” Q ” Code CJ Mach and it’s wheel will need some TLC from you also. I’ll let you know when I am ready to get it going. Again thank you for a spectacular job! Tim Uttley ( Pennsylvania )

Tim Uttley on April 9, 2004

What a job! I thought this wheel was cooked and was on the verge of looking for a replacement until I found your website. Thanks for talking me into the full zoot deal, it looks brand new.

mike constantine on April 23, 2004

After spending several months looking everywhere for a decent rim blow steering wheel for my 1970 Mustang Mach 1 project car, I finally came across Dave’s Rimblow Buddy website. Now I wish I had found this site months ago! This Rimblow steering wheel is without a doubt going to be one of the nicest aspects of my entire car. I cannot say enough how glad I am that I let the Rimblow Buddy professionally restore my wheel! I can’t wait until the interior is completed and I have this wheel installed! Thanks! -Steve

Steve in VA on June 1, 2004

Hi David. Steering wheel arrived Monday!!!! It´s just perfect!!!! It even smells like fresh paint…… It´s really a great craftsman work. As soon as the Mustang is finished, I´ll make sure to send you some photos of it……. Or from another one….. Right now my father owns complete 1 60’s, 2 70’s, 1 80’s and one 2000. Of course the good ones are the older ones. A very warm “Gracias”, will contact you later once the repairs are done. Efren Rojas Amaro

Efre’n David Rojas Amaro on July 21, 2004

I sent my rimblow wheel from the Mach 1 to Dave Prine to have him restore it. He does topnotch work, guys. My wheel looks brand new. Dave is a great guy to work with, too. He returned all of my e-mails and made sure that everything was understood before he started the work. I highly reccomend him if you need you wheel restored. posted on the VMF.

Harold Stromberger on July 29, 2004

Dave, I just wanted to let you know that I received my steering wheel today and I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job. The steering wheel looks NOS!! Thanks for getting it back to me so quickly. We have done so well at shows and now that I have a restored steering wheel we can only do better. We will pass your name around at all the car shows and everyone that we know. This wheel is a piece of art and you should be very proud of you work.. Also here is a picture of our Boss 302.. Thanks Again, Jim Reise

Jim Reise (e-mail to The Rimblow Buddy) on August 12, 2004

dave got the wheel this morning !! man you do a great great job. looks as good as a new one.

Travis Pritchett on August 17, 2004

Dave, I just received the 1970 Mustang steering wheel back from you. It looks GREAT! Thank you for the EXCELLENT SERVICE. You are a real craftsman. Sincerely, A1 Service Center Frank Marino

e-mail from Frank Marino on September 1, 2004

Hi there dave got the wheel today, nice job on the resto, very please will email you a pic of my mach 1 when it is done, (prob in May). thanks again for your help and will recommend you to anyone that needs a wheel restore.thanks sam

Sam Young on December 18, 2004

Dave, Got the wheel on Friday – drove the car on Saturday. Love it, man. What a jewel. That light-brown woodgrain is really nice – thanks for offering that as an option. And thanks for taking the time to e-mail all my questions. You’ve done a great job – on all fronts. Take care, Chris ———————– Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was working with Dave. He really goes out of his way to answer your every question – and always responds quickly. However, receiving the wheel was really the kicker. I was (and am still) knocked out how nice of a job he did restoring my ’71 rim blow wheel — and how quickly he did it. Dave is truly the rim blow master. I highly recommend him. Thanks! (

71Rcode on February 2, 2005

Received my wheel today.Amazing color match and finish.Well worth the wait and great value for the dollar. Keep up the great work!! Will send you pictures of the installed product when complete on the inside. A pleasure to have done business with you!

Ken Strohan on March 5, 2005

Hi David, I just wanted to tell you and everyone else how nice my Rim Blow Steering Wheel looks, excellent job i can’t wait to show it off and i will highly recomend you David to anyone who needs a Rim Blow restored. Thanks again Joe

Joe Barbosa on March 12, 2005



Hi Dave , just open the box , and every things is perfect , so thanks again from RICKTORINO bye… E-mail sent 5-3-05

Richard Glazer on May 3, 2005

Hello Dave, received the wheel today hand delivered by the post office! Biggest grin on my face when I took it out of the box. This rimblow looks perfect and you guys exceded my expectations. Thank-you for a job well done. Mark in connecticut

Mark Kehlenbach on May 3, 2005

David, Received my steering wheel on Wednesday. Very impressed with the whole outcome of your work! Can’t wait to bolt it on my car. Dash pad and a few other items are being sent out to be died to match my wheel. When those are done and installed I will send you a picture of your work complete. Once again, Great work, and keep up the Good work!! I will certainly spread the word on the craftsanmanship and professionalism that this experience came with. CHEERS!!

Ken Strohan on May 4, 2005

Hi Dave. I recieved the steering wheel this morning and once I got the box opened, I just sat there with amazment. I think I sat and looked at it for a good 15 minutes with my mouth wide open. This is the BEST steering wheel I have ever seen in my life and I can’t believe I will be putting it in my car. I’m half tempted to put it in a plexiglass box and leave it for showing. You can add me to your long list of satisfied customers. You should have put some business cards in with steering wheel because I know people will ask who did this beautyful job and I could give them a card. Again, Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on it. Another Satisfied Customer Jim Daminski

Jim Daminski on June 8, 2005

Dave, As always, just an outstanding piece of work. This will finish off the interior of my Mach in great style. Since this is going in a concours car it just couldn’t be any better, maybe even better than original. ScodeMike

Mike Rademacher on September 1, 2005

Got the wheel last week and opened it today. What a marvelous job! Excellent!
A wonderful Christmas present.
Thank you so much for your efforts.
Jon Rasmussen


Got the wheel today.  All I can say is WOW!!
Thanks for the great work!
Steve Szymanski
Milltown NJ
1970 AMC Javelin SST

hey dave,
sorry it took so long to get back to you, but i wanted to thank you for the
excellent job you did on the wheel. it came out better then new.   you
really do amazing work.  ive included some pictures of my 69 mach 1 (what
the wheel was for) & 70 mach 1 for your customers ride section if you wish
thanks again
danny mcmahon

Dave, got my steering wheel today. Looks great. Appreciate the quick turn around!
Thanks again
Mike Brumley

Dave, outstanding!!! My wheel is incredible. Not sure if I want to put it on my car or hang in my office! If you have brochures and/or calling cards to promote your service please send them to me. During the warm
days there is a popular car cruise very close to my home every Friday.
Thanks again for your skills.
Perry M. Ankney

Holy sh__, pardon me but damn. This is beautiful. Everything looks perfect and I love everything. The extra tag repro for the wheel will be great for the show. I appreciate everything and my parents will be sending you an XR7 turquoise/teal wheel and my dad is going to send his eliminator wheel later in the year. I will keep in touch. I am very happy with the wheel and I am just astonished. Thanks Dave
Brad Erickson


I just wanted to let you know that I got my original ’70 Mach 1 steering wheel in the mail today and all I can say is, “WOW”! The steering wheel is everything that you said it would be and everything that I had hoped for. It is absolutely gorgeous and your work is impeccable! As I told you before, I did all of the restoration of my Mach 1 myself except for the steering wheel. I am very picky about my Mach 1 and will only allow the very best parts on her. Now I have the very best steering wheel that money can buy and I am very proud of it. After 25 years of ownership, my Mach 1 is now complete. I will endorse you and your service wherever may go.

From one very satisfied customer, thank you very much.

Best regards,

Danny Alexander



You are the “MASTER” of detail.  I just got my wheel back today and I am extremely happy with the results.  The dash to the 69 mach 1 is still all apart as soon as I get all back together, I will send you the pictures.  Naturally highlighting the awesome refurbishment job, you did for me on my “Rim Blow” Wheel.  I hope that the rest of the horn system is intact and I can get it all to work.

Neil LaPash




The steering wheel looks great!  The only problem is I
now have to raise the rest of the interior to the same
level!  :)

Ivan Kirk

The wheel arrived today.looks awesome.I thank you so much for going that extra mile for me when I was in need.I have yea on my site and would Highly recommend your services. I thank you again sir.

Merry Christmas
I hope you and your family have a safe and great Holiday
Chris Bednar


Hi David,
Steering wheels arrived safe n sound. TOP JOB! Very happy, now I will have to buy more for my other cars!! DAMN
Roy Velardi, Editor of Street Fords- X-treme Fords Magizine AUSTRALIA


Hi Dave,

I just wanted to let you know I am extremely pleased with how the steering wheel turned out. It is even better than I had hoped.
Steve Franklin


Wow – I think I said that before – but it really is looking great.  Dick Etling


Looks good thanks.
Richard F. Loman

Got it!  Looks beautiful.  Nice job.  I’ll send you some pictures.
Oct. 16, 2008 Jeffery Masten 

Hey David,
Once again, I want to thank you guys for the restoration on my wheel. It looks fantastic in the car.
I only made one local outdoor show this past season and the car won First Place in its class.

The steering wheel is so important on the Mach 1.  Nothing beats a restored wheel.
Have a Merry Christmas and a joyful holiday season.
Brian Ball

Hi Dave,

Just a short note that we received the steering wheels. They are absolutely beautiful and we can’t wait to install them.
Once again, thank you for restoring them to such pristine finish. My husband is extremely picky when it comes to his cars, and even he couldn’t find anything to complain about (lol).
Take care and enjoy your weather. We’ll be passing pictures around to the different AMC clubs to show them what great work you do.

Danny & Bonnie Skirvin
Oregon. Ohio

Recieved my rimblow yesterday and all I can say is WOW!  Nice job!!! I will definitely bring you guys up at our next Mustang club mtg with a high recommendation. Thank all of you for the beautiful wheel.    Darrell Bazman,

Canton MI   03/15/09


The wheel arrived today and it is absolutely gorgeous! My wife and I sincerely thank you for the outstanding job you did restoring this wheel. Sorry to hear that it was your greatest challenge yet. I could have found a wheel in better shape on Ebay (and I did) but there is some history about this very wheel.
Butch Schuler

Again, thank you very much for the outstanding work.  True craftsman are getting harder and harder to find.  Even without knowing you personally and just having your work to judge you on, I am willing to wager that you are over the age of 40.  I say that as my life experiences reflect anyone younger than just plain doesn’t care about producing quality work. As long as they get a paycheck every Friday and have every weekend and holiday off…they are O.K. with life in general.

Thanks again,
Butch  03/20/09

Hi Guys
I just wanted to let you know my AMX wheel arrived today and it looks INCREDIBLE! I am very impressed with the restoration work and as I was told the color is perfect. Thanks again for your great restoration work and your great customer service .
Kevin Jones
Kingston Ont Canada

I received the wheel this week and it is awesome!
Your workmanship is excellent along with your communications.

Rick Coffey 04/01/2009.

To Nate and Everyone at Rimblow Buddy,

I am Ecstatic at how Beautiful my 1970 Mercury Cyclone Wheel has turned out!! It is truly a Work of Art!  I will be sending along Pictures of the Car when finished and especially pictures of this Beautiful Wheel you guys did. Thanks again to all of you , everything was done Very Professionally, from start to finish. Even the return shipping was done very well, the way the Wheel was packaged and the Timely manor in which it arrived. I have absolutely No Complaints and am Thrilled to have chosen you to do this Important aspect of my Classic Muscle car Restoration. I’ll be in touch in a couple months with the follow up.


Fred Grassia

Hi Nate,
The steering wheel looks fantastic.  I couldn’t have hoped for it to look any better.  The shine of the black is almost blinding.  The deep brown of the wood grain looks perfect.  I’m glad I choose to do this first to start off the restoration of my AMX.
E-mail from Shawn Vollmer 7/7/09

Nate, Just opened the package.  What a gorgeous wheel.  I am very
pleased it is beautiful.           Tony Cantelmi  11/17/09

Hey, I got the steering wheel and shifter the other day and they look great!  Can’t wait to install them!
Ron Evans   12/01/2009

The steering wheel looks great!!!!!!!
Scott Kuck   12/21/2009

Nate, just a quick note to tell you that the Cougar wheel arrived a few minutes ago and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with your work!

Ned Flynn   02/01/2010


Got the steering wheel back and it looks great.  Thanks a lot.

Wes Johnson   02/05/2010